Как начать продавать на eBay с Shopify. Интересный опыт Украины.

How to start selling on eBay with Shopify. Interesting experience of Ukraine.

Today, eBay is the second most visited marketplace in the world with over 800 million visits per month. 11 thousand Ukrainian entrepreneurs are registered on eBay, 4 thousand active sellers.

The best selling items on eBay are $100.

About 50% of the revenue for Ukrainian entrepreneurs comes from the United States.

From the summer of 2021, entrepreneurs from Ukraine can conduct transactions on eBay through Payoneer.

UkrPoshta launched the eBay Growth Program for support for small and medium businesses. The goal is to facilitate registration and adaptation on the marketplace. Registration takes about a week. The marketplace will ask for documents and ask about the origin of the product.

An important part of working on eBay is the rating system. The chances of getting to the site are yours for those who were first active buyers - you need a trusted account of the buyer. To resolve the trust issue faster, it is recommended to apply on eBay via UkrPoshta.

The next test is an unspoken three-month trial period. Only after 10 positive reviews will the account be marked as trusted. You should be active every day - for example, read the entire Help section, contact the eBay Community, contact support. The system captures everything. Need to light up. Show that you are interested in working with eBay.

Initially, eBay limits the number of items to ten and $500 per month. And it is better not to select the entire limit at once. It is recommended to start with 1 product, sell it, get positive feedback, and only then add other products. But no more than 1-2 items per week.

The limits will increase over time. But it's better to contact support for raising the limits - it's faster.

How not to be banned? You need to be prepared and provide information about the origin of the goods. Do not infringe copyright. If in doubt, it is better to refuse to sell the problematic product.

How to promote a product?

Commission eBay - 15%. More than half of the item will be promoted through paid advertising through eBay Promoted Listings. Auctions are great for promotion. Moreover, the buyer can be not only the winner, but also the remaining buyers - no one prevents them from making the Best Offer.

The next level is Best Seller status. How to get a? At least 100 sales in the amount of $1000, 98% positive feedback, delivery in a couple of days.

The rules for filling out the product card are simple - short titles, similar to keywords when searching on Google.

To connect eBay to your Shopify store, there are many apps. App from eBay gets bad reviews due to lack of integration - no product variant details are shared, only the products themselves. Top user rated app - Integration for eBay . Read the overview of the application in the next part.

And finally. Don't forget to thank each customer for a successful purchase. Ask to leave a review if the client is happy or write about the problem to you personally to help the client understand the reason.

Based on Forbes.ua