Касса для интернет-магазинов в Украине (ПРРО)

Checkout for online stores in Ukraine (PRRO)

From January 01, 2022, when accepting payments by cards or via Apple Pay and Google Pay, online stores must transfer information about each purchase to the Tax Office with the issuance of a fiscal receipt.

Registration of payment and transfer to the Tax Office is performed by a virtual cash desk (Software Registrar of Settlement Transactions).

Checkout connection options:

  1. Free PRRO from STS
  2. Vchasno.Kassa
  3. Checkbox.ua from the creators of Monobank
  4. Sota Casa
  5. Cashalot

Order registering an online cash desk is described on the STS website.

To get started, you need to fill out 3 applications in taxpayer's personal account:< /p>

  1. Registration of a business entity [F1312003] (form No. 20-PRRO);
  2. Registration of cash desk [F1316604] (form No. 1-PRRO);
  3. Certificate of a cashier [F1391802] (Form No. 5-PRRO).

Questions and Answers on working with PRRO on the website of the Tax Service.

Contacts of the Tax Office for work with PRRO in Kiev .

Contacts of the developers of the free PRRO from the Tax Office: (044) 481-39-17.