Интеграция Shopify с платежным шлюзом Робокасса

Integration of Shopify with the Robokassa payment gateway

Do you need to connect a Robocass gateway to Shopify? We have a solution!

Integration between Shopify and payment gateway has been developed Robokassa < span> using Shopify Hosted Payment SDK .

 Robokassa payment methods

In addition to accepting payments by Visa, MasterCard, MIR cards, data transfer to the online cash register service is provided Robot . You do not need to rent an online cash register, the savings can amount to more than 20 thousand rubles. per year!

To connect the gateway, you need to conclude an agreement with Robokassa (use the promo code 01PZV to get a 30% discount on the first 3 months of work), select a plan , install the Shopify app for the operation of the payment gateway and enter the received from Robokassa settings.

Connection order

  1. Install the application (you will receive a link to install the application upon request).
     Robokassa app for Shopify
  2. Install the Robokass gateway using the link from the installed application
     Robokassa app control panel for Shopify
  3. Go to the Shopify admin area under Settings - & gt; Payment Providers (/ admin / settings / payments) and in the Alternative Payments section select the Robokassa Payment Gateway
  4. In the gateway settings (are) specify:
    Store: store url to .myshopify.com
    Password: password
  5. In the application settings (select "RoboKassa: Control Panel" on the page / admin / apps) specify:
    password from the gateway settings (which was specified in point 4)
    Specify the data provided by Robokassa to connect
    Store ID
    Password 1
    Password 2
    If you enable Robot, you need to specify the taxation system
  6. Enter the settings in the personal account of Robokassa
    in the fields Result Url, Success Url, Fail Url, you need to enter the parameters:
    https: // main-domain-store / apps / robokassa / result
    https: // main-store-domain / apps / robokassa / success
    https: // main-store-domain / apps / robokassa / fail
     Robokassa payment gateway settings
  7. How to complete all the settings, please report to pay@trademinister.de to activate the gateway.