Приложение Яндекс.Маркет для Shopify

Yandex.Market app for Shopify

Sequence of actions:

  1. Pre-requiredregister a store in Yandex:Market and be verified by Yandex.
    When registering, it is important to enter accurate information about the company: name, TIN, OGRN, etc. The verification is performed by the Yandex robot, and any discrepancy will result in a refusal to register the store. There are 6 verification attempts and then registration in Yandex:Market will be refused.
  2. A product from a Shopify store can be placed on the Yandex:Market portal manually and automatically. Before placing a product, you need to divide the product into categories .
    1. Manual mode is suitable for a simple assortment with infrequent updates. You need to prepare text file or Excel file with products. After downloading the price list, wait for a call from a Yandex employee who will check the compliance of the information in the price list with what you report. If there are discrepancies, then there will be a refusal to register the price list.
    2. There is an application for automatically uploading the price list of the Shopify store to Yandex:Market. It can be configured to update product details daily. The price of the application is from 18,000 rubles for installation and 4,800 rubles per year (up to 25 commodity items, if more than 500 items, then the price is from 700 rubles per month).